CSJ Pilgrim Guides to Spain #4, Los Caminos del Norte:
B, The Tunnel Route, 2010 ed. - Supplementary material and updates

Our Tunnel Route Guide has been fully updated, with all previous updating material incorporated, for 2010. It is now available on-line.

Updates to 2010 Guide  --  Prepared by Tony Roberts, January 2011.

1: At Page 8: -
a) Accommodation in Irún.
For Albergue de Peregrinos, Calle Lucas de Berroa 18, telephone - 635 743774 or 645 722725
Add - Albergue Mantindozea , Avda de Elizatxo 18: Tel - 943 621042

b) Accommodation in Astigarraga.
Add Albergue Santiagomendi: Tel - 943 335064

c) Accommodation in Hernani.
For P Zinko Enea: add Tel - 943 552080

d) Add Accommodation in Andoain: -
Albergue Municipal: Tel – 943 590409 or 943 300819

2: At Page 9: -
Accommodation in Zegama.
For Refuge enquire at Tourist office or, if closed, at Bar Ostatu (943 802187).
Add Pensión y Restaurante Zegama: Tel - 943 801051

3: At Page 10: -
a) Accommodation in Vitoria.
For Albergue Juvenil Carlos Arbaitua, add Tel - 945 148100

b) Accommodation in La Puebla de Arganzón.
For Refuge, during the afternoon, visit or ring Bar Ansótegui on 945 373028

4: At Page 11: -
a) Accommodation at Pancorbo.
i) For the Refuge, contact the Parish Priest (Don Julián) on 947 354014 or 608 108188 or the Nuns on
646 121448. However you may have problems doing so on a Saturday.
ii) Add HR Pancorbo, Ctra Nacional Madrid-Irún Km 302: Tel - 947 354000.

b) Accommodation in Briviesca: -
Add Albergue Municipal. Go to the Tourist Office (947 593939), the Police Station (947 590010) or
contact José Luis on 646 005084 or Paco on 617 326477).

c) Before Monasterio de Rodilla: -
Add Quintanavides: - Albergue de Peregrinos: Tel - 679 346220 or 947 590127

d) Accommodation in Monasterio de Rodilla: -
Add Albergue para Peregrinos Calle Carretera Burgos 16: Tel - (Antonio) 607 657922 or (Yudi or Fran) on 947 594350

e) Accommodation at Puerto de la Brujula: -
Add HR Hermanos Gutiérrez: Tel - 947 430344 or 659 360431

5: At Page 18 in Tolosa.
When you reach the sports complex on the other side of the tributary to the R Oria, it is recommended that you do not follow any waymarker pointing Left. It indicates a circuitous route which is reportedly badly signed and which leads unnecessarily to a long steep climb up onto the Ollaun Ridge. You then have a very steep and often slippery slope downwards before reaching Alegia. This could be very dangerous in wet weather, for anyone with a backpack.
Instead, go right along a tarmacced walkway paralleling the river on your right. Follow it to where it debouches onto a road which passes under the N-1 (above you and to your left). Go under the bridge and then immediately right along the walk/cycle way to Alegia.
Should you find your way to the right barred as the result of redevelopment, retrace your steps to cross the Oria by the first bridge you come to (Sta Maria Bridge). Turn left along the Alava Road (Araba Etorbidea) out of Tolosa and follow it past Venta Aundi. Keep straight on where the road forks right for Albiztur and Azpeitia and you will shortly come to the bridge carrying the N-1 mentioned above, from whence you can proceed accordingly.

6: At Page 30
At the junction at Askartza (Ascarza)
Here you have three options at the present time, by which you can avoid the current huge scheme of development which has all but obliterated the ‘old’ route beyond Arcaya ahead of you: -

1) As per the Guidebook, follow the yellow arrows Left (towards Otazu), Right and Left again to reach Arcaya. At the T-junction after the Church, you are steered right ultimately to find yourself back on the N-130/A-132, which you follow before turning Left along the N-104 at Elorriaga.
You will pass another area of redevelopment on your left before reaching a roundabout with a large garage on its far side. Keeping this garage on your right, go forward along Portal de Elorriaga, Avda de Santiago and Portal del Rey to reach the the Plaza de España in the centre of Vitoria.
From here, follow the route described in the Guidebook.

2) To avoid the long loop that Option 1) above entails, continue along the N-130 and turn left along the N-104 as above, but, to minimise your walk along the N-130, look for and follow the parallel ‘service road’ which dips down on your left at the point where a minor road branches off for Arcaya. This will take you to a cut-through under the railway where you will rejoin the recently waymarked route into Vitoria centre.

3) If you would prefer to avoid the city centre route and proceed directly to Armentia and Gomecha via the outskirts route, Turn Left for Otazu along the less busy A-2130 and, ignoring the waymarked route to Arcaya, continue past Otazu before walking along a stretch of what looks like dual carriageway (actually parallel roads) past an industrial estate on your right, to arrive at the three zebra crossings coming from the pylon at the end of Calle Venta de la Estrella on your right. (cf Paras 1 and 2 of The Route via the outskirts on P31 of the 2010 Tunnel Route Guidebook.)
When you reach this point, turn left through the Parkway and follow the route as per the Guidebook.

7: At Page 38 -end of 1st paragraph of ‘The hill route’:-
At the footpath crossroads, go ahead through the gap in the thick hedgerow into the ‘glade’. You have a choice here. You can EITHER follow the yellow and black Álava waymarker pointing off to the  left as described in the 2nd paragraph of ‘The hill route,’ OR follow the white painted angle iron marker immediately on your right provided by the Amigos del Camino de Santiago de Miranda de Ebro. This indicates a less punishing but only just shorter (by 350m) alternative route, which leads directly to La Puebla de Arganzón. It is well signed and enables you to avoid the climb up to the ridge, the subsequent steep downhill stony track to Villanueva de la Oca and much of the tarmac surface between that village and La Puebla. You will eventually turn right along this road and, after 200m or so, pass under the motorway as per Para 2 of the directions from Villanueva de la Oca.

8: At Pages 44 and 45: -
Estavillo to Burgos (Gamonál).
The route is well waymarked throughout and therefore does not need much description.
To my knowledge, two free booklets (in Spanish) have been published which cover this section of the Camino. They should certainly be available in Town Halls and/or Tourist Offices.


They are: -
1) Vía de Bayona, 64 glossy pages of information, published by Adeco Búreba. You can download a copy at www.adecobureba.com. The English version of the site calls it ‘Route 8, Bayonna’s Way.’
2) Camino de Santiago, Vía de Bayona - a smaller diagrammatic and pictorial booklet which maps and illustrates the route and places of interest. It is edited by Los Amigos del Camino de Santiago de Miranda de Ebro and published with the collaboration of the Ayuntamiento de Miranda de Ebro.
If you need a Passport/ Credenciál or any other information regarding the route, The Asociación de Amigos del Camino de Santiago de Miranda de Ebro will be only too pleased to assist. While you will need knowledge of Spanish, the Association can be contacted as follows: -
Andrés Terrazas Barrón - President: 947 32 58 35 or 696 36 80 53
Pilar, Andrés’ wife, vice-president: 636 55 64 02; Email: caminomiranda@hotmail.com

Estavillo.                                                                                                                                       0.00 kms
Follow the yellow arrows from the point where the routes to Sto Domingo and Burgos divide. They will lead you through the new highway system of three bridges (two with roundabouts) and into Armiñon.
Armiñon.                                                                                                                                       1.10 kms
Turn right in the central plaza and cross the ancient bridge over the Rio Zadorra. You will then pass under a railway bridge. At the top of the ensuing hill, where a track goes off to the left by a concrete building, you will spot a typical wooden waymark provided by the Álava Authorities pointing towards Rivabellosa. However, neither the Junta de Castilla y León nor the Province of Burgos supports this route out of Álava Province and you are advised to turn LEFT here and follow the markers provided by the Amigos del Camino de Santiago de Miranda de Ebro.
Ribaguda.                                                                                                                                      5.00 kms
No facilities apart from a fountain by the Church.
Lacorzana.                                                                                                                                    1.40 kms
No facilities.
You will pass through a nature conservation zone on your way to: -.
Bayas.                                                                                                                                             3.2 kms
No facilities.
Miranda.                                                                                                                                         2.0 kms
Full facilities.
Orón.                                                                                                                                               3.5 kms
2 bars which do not open before 12:00noon. Church of San Estéban.
Ameyugo.                                                                                                                                      7.90 kms
Fountain and Bar for snacks etc at entrance to village.
Pancorbo.                                                                                                                                      5.30 kms
Adequate facilities, but see notes in Accommodation Section above.
On the way to Zuñeda, at a point where you are directed to the right over a small bridge over a stream, continue forward on the more pronounced track straight towards the embankment about 150m ahead of you. A slightly ambiguous sign might tempt you to follow a less used and wrong track to your left.
Zuñeda.                                                                                                                                       11.20 kms
No facilities but villagers are encouraged to assist when essential help is needed.
Grisaleña.                                                                                                                                      3.70 kms
No facilities but villagers are encouraged to assist when essential help is needed.
If you wish, you can bypass the next village, Cameno, by continuing past the turning for the village and thus proceed directly to Briviesca
Cameno.                                                                                                                                        4.10 kms
There might be a bar open.
Briviesca.                                                                                                                                       4.40 kms
Full facilities.
Having no personal experience of the route from Briviesca to Gamonál, I recommend to pilgrims the Adeco Búreba publication.

Thanks to Tony Roberts - May 2011