Not all pilgrims are athletes

Speaker: Kimberly Lowelle Saward, Ph.D., 

Kimberly has worked as an educator and clinician in the field of psychology.  Her interest in pilgrimage is deep and weaves throughout everything she does, particularly her travels to sacred sites throughout the world. The Camino first called to her in 2009 but seemed an impossible dream.  She has been a pilgrim in Sweden, France and finally walked into Santiago in 2019.

Since moving to England from northern California in 2000, her primary work has been researching labyrinths as they appear around the world; she is the author of Ariadne's Thread: Legends of the Labyrinth,  a psycho-spiritual study of labyrinth folk practices worldwide and co-director of Labyrinthos - the Labyrinth and Maze Resource Centre.  She volunteers for the CSJ, coordinating their social media and virtual events.

Abstract: Against the backdrop of her own life story, Kimberly will discuss her conviction that successful pilgrimage does not rely on having athletic prowess or even a hiker’s body. This illustrated presentation will draw on two of the threads that weave most prominently through Kimberly’s work – the archetypal symbol of the labyrinth, one of whose metaphors is pilgrimage, and Joseph Campbell’s monomyth template, the Hero’s Journey. This lecture is intended for veteran pilgrims as well as those still dreaming of taking their first steps on the Camino.

The talk will take place at 19:00 on Tuesday 1st December.

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