CSJ Members – How to get a Pilgrim Record from the CSJ

The Confraternity issues Pilgrim Passports in two styles:

The CSJ Pilgrim's Passport

Front Cover CSJ Pilgrim’s Passport

A page of sellos

Inside – a page of sellos

Firstly, our traditional A5 booklet with laminated cover, this has space for 6 stamps (sellos) per side and is issued with enough pages to cover your intended journey.

This version is only available to CSJ members.





And now a new open-out “concertina” format which has space for 56 stamps and 2 colour maps showing pilgrimage routes in France, Spain and further afield.


The Front of the new CSJ Pilgrim Record

The front / outside of the new CSJ Pilgrim Record

The inside/reverse of the new CSJ Pilgrim Record

The inside / reverse of the new CSJ Pilgrim Record








Both formats are available free to members (subject to postage charges where appropriate), and the new version is now available to order online.

Please remember that each member of a group will need their own individual Pilgrim Passport.

  • Individual members may order one Pilgrim Passport in their own name.
  • Joint members can order up to 5 Pilgrim Passports in the names of the people registered on their membership application.
  • Institutional members of the CSJ should contact the CSJ office direct for any Pilgrim Records.

Please always allow us sufficient time to issue Pilgrim Records – online orders should be placed at least 2 weeks in advance of departing for your camino – as we are not able to process requests every day.

Please see below for the ways you can order your Pilgrim Record.

We regret that we cannot accept any requests for, or queries regarding, Pilgrim Records by telephone.

Online – new format Pilgrim Record only

The new format record is now available to members online.  Please complete the online application form below and proceed to checkout as directed.  Should you experience any difficulty with online requests please email office@csj.org.uk

CSJ Member Pilgrim Record Online Application Form

In Person – new format Pilgrim Record only

Please print off and complete the PDF form below and visit us at the Office on Thursdays 11 am – 3.30 pm, or on any Saturday Open Day as listed in the Bulletin or Latest News. Both traditional and new format available.

CSJ Member Pilgrim Record In Person Application Form

By Post – Both traditional and new format available

Apply in good time (ideally 1-2 months before your pilgrimage) to the Pilgrim Records Secretary – name and address on the back of your Bulletin – enclosing an SAE, quoting your membership number, stating your starting point and date, and how you intend to travel.

Postage rates for your SAE (within the UK) are:

  • For 1-3 Pilgrim Records: an A5 SAE with 2 first-class stamps;
  • For 4-7 Pilgrim Records: an A4 SAE with 3 first-class stamps;
  • For 8-10 Pilgrim Records: an A4 SAE with 4 first-class stamps.

N.B. your stamps should be at the rate prevailing for 28 days after you make your request (to allow for absence on the part of the Pilgrim Records Secretary).Please ensure you pay the correct postage on your letter to the Pilgrim Record Secretary-many requests are being delayed due to insufficient postage -you usually need to pay a Large Letter rate – and CSJ cannot always guarantee to collect your letter form the local PO sorting office or pay the extra postage.

For overseas requests send 3 International Reply Coupons only. No envelope is required.

NB This postal system works best if you join CSJ first and then wait for your welcome letter and membership number and the correct address to send your request.  Should you experience any difficulty with postal requests please email office@csj.org.uk

Our Pilgrim Record is issued subject to your agreement to the following Terms and Conditions, please see here for details.