The most important factors that determine whether or not you can get back on the Camino are: a) getting there and back and b) the availability of accommodation.  

The first of course depends on the restrictions put in place by the governments of both your country of origin and your country of destination - in most cases Spain, but not always.  It may be possible to travel, but you may have to comply with many conditions and regulations such as proof of vaccination, recent PCR tests, self-isolation or hotel quarantine upon return etc. You'll need to check the relevant webpages for up-to-date information from whichever government department is overseeing travel regulations during Covid-19:

If you can get to Spain (or Portugal or France), you'll need places to stay!  Many hostels will have closed temporarily or permanently and those that have reopened are at reduced capacity and adhering to strict social distancing requirements. We recommend for an up-to-date list of accommodation across all major Camino routes.  Booking in advance is a good idea, in most cases.

Also, head to our Covid-19 Camino updates page for weekly news summaries from Spain.