As restrictions ease and everyone gets busier, we'll be having a 2-month hiatus from our weekly Thursday Zoom Coffee Mornings.

Little did we realise, when we started back in April 2020, that the coffee mornings would become such an important point of contact for many pilgrims isolating at home, often by themselves. We have enjoyed presentations, quizzes, news updates from Spain, our 5-month Virtual Camino from Reading to Santiago as well as much general chit-chat and getting to know each other.  

Now that more of us are able to get out-and-about and cannot always commit to this weekly session anymore, we are taking a summer break for a couple of months, resuming in September.

Our last session before the break will be 10:30am on Thursday 1st July, by which time we will have finished our Virtual Camino.  We'll share memories and stories from our own times in Santiago de Compostela.  

The link to join us is here.

Also note - there will be no CSJ Wine Bar evening in August. Our next ones will be July 13th and September 14th.