Notes For Contributors – Articles & Images


  1. Articles should be submitted by mid-January, mid-April, mid-July, or mid-
    October for possible publication in March, June, September or December.
  2.  An article should normally be no longer than 1000 words. If
    considerably longer, it may have to be published over two issues.
  3.  Although articles are read by a copy editor before publication,
    it would be helpful if all material sent in was presented to the
    CSJ after a thorough check by the author him/herself, to avoid
    subsequent misunderstandings.
  4. Please double-check all foreign and English place-names and
    personal names for accuracy.
  5. Submit the material preferably in New Times Roman and size 12
    font. No special formatting is necessary, and is best avoided.
  6. Put the title of the article and your name on the actual piece of work.
  7. Send the article to the editor as a word document attached to the email.
  8. Please italicise all foreign words and phrases – translating where appropriate.
  9. Send any photographs as .jpgs separately, as attached files, with
    captions and photographer’s name.
  10. Some pilgrimage-related foreign words like camino (though
    Camino, referring specifically to the Camino de Santiago, should
    have a capital letter) albergue, refugio have got into CSJ vocabulary
    and therefore do not need to be italicised.
  11. Beware of, and try to avoid, using ‘Camino lingo’ – these words are
    not always cited correctly e.g., pelegrinos or Bon Camino.
  12. Our Bulletin is read by many overseas members for whom English
    is not their first language; please be mindful, therefore, to write
    clearly and carefully.
    Take particular care with:
    Confraternity of Saint James: spell out Saint in full
    Other saints: St Peter: no full stop. Similarly, with all abbreviations that
    end with the letter of the word abbreviated such as Dr or Fr
    Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port (all hyphenated)
    Numbers 1-9, then ten, eleven etc. Three digit – and above – numbers
    should, however, be quoted as numerals.
    Give the day of week where appropriate, Monday 2 June 2008
    Use double quotation marks except for “quotes ‘within’ quotes”, and
    generally avoid using quotation marks where there is no dialogue.
    And please, USE INCLUSIVE LANGUAGE where appropriate.

Size of images for the Bulletin

Photographic images


 Minimum – 3M (approx pixel dimension 2069 x 1552)

To allow some manipulation – 5M photos (approx pixel dimensions 2592 x 1944)

Preferred – 8M or bigger (approx pixel dimensions 3264 x 2448 or bigger)

Preferred aspect ratio (proportional relationship of width to height) – 4:3

Preferred mode – portrait not landscape orientated photos

Body (Photos to accompany articles)

Minimum – 2M (approx pixel dimensions 1800 x 1200)

Preferred – 3M or bigger (approx pixel dimensions 2069 x 1552 or bigger)

Preferred aspect ratio – 3:2 (for landscape orientated photos only)

Other images (reproduction of paintings, drawings, engravings, etc.)

Scans of artistic works

Minimum – 300 ppi (pixel per inch) or min approx pixel dimensions of 3264 x 2448

Photos of artistic works

Minimum – 3M (approx pixel dimension 2069 x 1552)

Preferred – 8M (approx pixel dimensions 3264 x 2448)

*If you aren’t sure if your photo or other image meets printing requirements feel free to email it to us to test it.