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Please note that the Picture Gallery will open on a new page but from the previous CSJ website. It will still work in the same way.  If you have any questions about the gallery or any of the pictures, wish to use any of the pictures commercially (we shall expect a standard fee for commercial use), or wish to contribute any pictures, please email office*csj.org.uk (change * to @) marked for attention of the Digital Image Library Manager.

Please note: our images seek to convey the pilgrimage and will inevitably include pictures of pilgrims. If you object to your inclusion in any image on our website let us know and we will remove it immediately.  

About Santiago Pilgrims’ Pictures

In creating this gallery of digital images of the pilgrimage routes to Santiago de Compostela, we have been guided by these principles:

The images should be:

– of high quality, both technically and photographically
– indexed in depth, using a controlled thesaurus of keywords
– searchable using Boolean logic
– available on Creative Commons terms
– a contribution both to fostering of the pilgrimage to Santiago, and to serious research

The collection is still in its early stages. For some sections, pictures have been uploaded, but the captions are still being added. We shall add images, and cover more routes, as time and contributions allow.

Please note that the images are sized for digital projection (XGA: 1024×768 pixels) and the JPG files of about 250 KBs should give adequate prints up to A5 size. In some cases we hold versions of the images in sizes suitable for commercial reproduction (20-50MB); order these through the  We shall expect a standard fee for commercial use.

We encourage you to fill gaps in the collection with photos of your own. Please see the “How to contribute” section..

Meanwhile we welcome your comments on the collection, and its ease of use.

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The images are grouped by route (“Categories”), and then by section (“sub-categories”), with major places on each route given a section to themselves. As far as possible, their order reflects their geographical sequence along the route. Santiago itself, of course, is treated as a category in its own right.

There are bound to be anomalies in the treatment of the routes. So far, you need to be aware that the Camino Aragonés is treated – as in the CSJ Guide – as part of the Arles route; but the Tunnel Route is not treated as one of los Caminos del Norte – it is given a category to itself

The software also allows us to create “virtual categories”, bringing together images from different routes and sections – though the image remains in its original place in the sequence. We have done this so far only for “Images of St James”; let us know if you think other such virtual categories would be useful.

You can either browse or search the collection, and you can download images.

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To Browse the Picture Gallery

  • Select the Route (i.e. the “Category”) and the section (“sub-category”) which interest you
  • click on each thumbnail image in sequence, or use the slideshow facility (which is set for a 3-second changeover: tell us if you’d like it faster or slower).
  • To see still larger versions of each image, click on the “Dimensions” information below it, and then on the square “Resize” icon which appears in the bottom-right corner of the picture. (Your browser’s Back button will take you back to where you were.)

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  • See first the thesaurus of search terms.  (You may like to print it out to save going back every time.) Apart from place names, this is almost entirely in English, since it is clearly essential to have a single language covering all the routes to Santiago, whichever country they fall in: thus, for example, you must use the terms St-James-Pilgrim and St-James-Moorslayer, not Santiago-Peregrino and Santiago-Matamoros. Otherwise, only features unique to Spain are given their Spanish name – such as “Alcazares” and “Paradores”.
  • Although we have included the correct accents in, for example, place names, you do not need to include them when you search: thus the search term “Merida” will find “Mérida”, and “Leon” will find “León”.
  • Note that you need to include hyphens in search terms and place names consisting of more than one word – this is a limitation of the software. Truncated terms also work – but beware of over-shortening your terms: “Sant” will return “Santiago” but also all the “Santo”s, which you may not have intended! (This also means that “Roman” will also return “Romanesque”, and “France” will also return “Camino Francés”. We haven’t found a way round this one yet, but we’re working on it.)
  • Place names are as used in the CSJ Guides.
  • Follow the “Search this collection” link under “Menu” on the Gallery Home Page, and enter your search term(s) in the “Search for Keywords” box at the top of the Search page.
  • By clicking on the “Search for all terms” button, you will limit the results to those images holding each of the terms you have entered.  This – the Boolean “AND” – is a powerful way of reducing the returns from what will eventually be a large collection to manageable proportions.
  • By clicking on the “Search for any terms” button, you will get images containing any of your search terms – the Boolean “OR”.  Use it when you want to make a more general search, but be prepared for some large responses.
  • You can limit your search to particular routes or sections by using the “Search in Categories” box lower down the Search page. To limit your search to two or more specific routes, or route sections, highlight each one in turn by holding down the Control key while you click on it.
  • N.B. if you click on one of the Keywords in the description below a picture, you will generate a search for all other pictures sharing that Keyword.
  • The “tabbed browsing” feature in Internet Explorer 7 will allow you to keep these instructions and/or the thesaurus of search terms open while you’re exloring the gallery
  • Practise using different search strategies until you are familiar with the way the system works.

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To download images from the Picture Gallery

You may download images from this collection on Creative Commons Terms Creative Commons License

  • Copyright in these images rests with the original photographers, who have granted limited rights – including the right to make these pictures available on Creative Commons terms – to the Confraternity.
  • However, any user may download any image, or any number of images, without charge, and without prior permission.
  • You may edit, adapt, or change any such images.
  • You may make them, whether in original form, or changed, available to others, provided that you do so on the same terms as you received them.
  • In making these images available elsewhere, you must acknowledge their source, and include the photographer’s name.
  • Most of these images are available as 300 dpi files (approx 5MBs) for commercial reproduction; these may be obtained from the gallery manager.
  • If you wish to use any of these images, whether in original form, or changed, for any commercial or profit-making purpose, please ensure that you contact us in advance for permission and to pay us any standard fee due (which we shall use in pursuance of our charitable objectives).
  • Click on the following link for fuller details of the Creative Commons license: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0 England & Wales License.

To download an image, simply right click on it, then click Save as, choosing a file name and location on your computer.

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How to contribute to the Picture Gallery

We warmly welcome additions to the Gallery.

We have arrived at the following terms of agreement between the Confraternity and contributors to the collection:

  • You offer your pictures to the Confraternity on the understanding that the Confraternity may make any or all of them generally available, principally through this website, on Creative Commons terms which you will have read and understood.
  • You agree that the Confraternity may enhance, crop or otherwise edit your pictures.
  • You agree that in the event of any fees being paid to the Confraternity for the commercial use of any of your images, all such fees shall accrue to the Confraternity to be applied to its charitable objectives.
  • You agree that the Confraternity may include these pictures, edited as appropriate, in its own publications, presentations and displays, and any income arising from such use will accrue to the Confraternity to be applied to its charitable objectives.
  • However, you retain the copyright in your pictures and may print, distribute, sell and display them elsewhere and any fees or prizes arising from such use will accrue to you.
  • The Confraternity will withdraw any or all of these pictures from its collection on receipt of a written request to this effect from you.

If you are happy with these terms, please print off and complete this submission form and send it to us together with your pictures on a disc.

 If you are setting out on a particular route, with a digital camera, and would like a list of the images we already hold for that route, please get in touch.

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