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We publish guides to all the major routes to Santiago. These guides are deliberately kept simple, so that they can be revised easily, produced cheaply, and reissued frequently.  The formats available are:

  • A5 size booklet with laminated covers – available from our online shop
  • Kindle ebook – available from Amazon

Please note we also offer some free to download material as follows:

  • Free PDF guide – these are freely available to download for some of our discontinued/out-of-date guides.  If you are uncertain which route you wish to walk these are useful for basic planning, but please be sure to find up-to-date information before making definite plans.
  • Free update sheets these are sometimes done by the guide-writer alone, but often they are based on feedback from pilgrims who have travelled the route in question during the previous year.

If you find the free guides helpful, please consider making a donation to recognise the work that goes to making these Guides available. 

Please see the list below for the guides and the formats available for each route. Click on the buttons to buy or download, as appropriate:

Pilgrim Guides to Spain

Camino Francés:
Preparing for the Camino Francés (2017/18)
The Camino Francés: St-Jean-Pied-de-Port to
Santiago de Compostela (2017/18)
CSJ Buy A5 booklet button
Pilgrim Guide to Santiago de Compostela (2017)
All You Need For the Camino Francés – 3 guides in 1 purchase
The Vía de la Plata and Camino Mozárabe:
Seville to Santiago (2011)  CSJ Buy A5 booklet button  CSJ Free PDF Update button
Granada to Mérida (2009)  CSJ Buy A5 booklet button  CSJ Free PDF Update button
Zamora-Braganza-Santiago (2005)  CSJ Buy A5 booklet button  CSJ Free PDF Update button
Northern routes:
Los Caminos del NorteIntroduction (2004)  CSJ Buy A5 booklet button
Ruta de la Costa :
1: Irún to Villaviciosa (2013)  CSJ Buy A5 booklet button  CSJ Free PDF Update button
2: Villaviciosa-Gijón-Arzúa (2015)  CSJ Buy A5 booklet button
The Tunnel Route (2010)
The Camino del Salvador (2009) CSJ Free PDF Guide button
The Camino Primitivo (2013)  CSJ Buy A5 booklet button  CSJ Free PDF Update button
The Camino Portugués:
Part 1 Lisbon to Porto (2017)
Part 2 Porto to Santiago (2017)

Part 2 Porto to Santiago – Coastal Route (2017)

Other Routes:
Camino Sureste
Finisterre: Santiago to Finisterre and Muxia (2009)
Camino de Madrid (2017/18)
The Camino Inglés (2017/18)
Pilgrim Maps: The Camino Inglés (2017/18)
Camino de Invierno (2017/18)

(N.B. the Camino Aragonés is covered in our guide “Arles to Puente la Reina 4ii) Toulouse to Puente la Reina “, below)

Pilgrim Guides to the Roads through France

Le Puy to the Pyrenees (2006)  CSJ Buy A5 booklet button
Arles to Puente la Reina (2016) – fully updated
new edition March 2016 in two volumes:
 Arles-Toulouse  CSJ Buy A5 booklet button  CSJ Free PDF Update button
 Toulouse to Puente la Reina  CSJ Buy A5 booklet button
 The Voie Littorale: Soulac to Hendaye (2010) CSJ Free PDF Guide button CSJ Free PDF Update button

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