How to get a Pilgrim Record / Pilgrim Passport / Credencial

You can get a Pilgrim Record or Credencial from:

The Confraternity of Saint James.

  • If you are a member of the Confraternity, click here for details of how to get your free Pilgrim Record.
  • If you are not a member click here for details of how to buy one from us.  

(Not sure if you are a member?  You will have completed a form and paid a fee; simply subscribing to news from our website does not confer membership.  See here for how to join)

Other Pilgrim Associations across the world – see here for links.

Santiago Cathedral Credencial:  Pick up in person wherever you start your pilgrimage, from Accueil Pèlerin in St Jean Pied de Port, pilgrim hostels, local Amis / Amigos assocations, cathedrals, churches, sometimes available in tourist offices. Also available online from the Camino de Santiago Forum.

Dual Pilgrim There is a special Credencial for any pilgrim who is intending to walk both the Camino and the Kumano Kodo in Japan (both are UNESCO World Heritage pilgrimage routes) – please see for details of this arrangement and where to get this document.