Other Routes in Europe

Pilgrims came, and come, from all over Europe and beyond.   One of our members, Peter Robins,  maintains a website with information on routes from Germany, Switzerland, and the Low Countries, with particular emphasis on their suitability for present-day walkers. Probably the most up-to-date overview of the development of  the routes as a whole is on Peter Robins’ website. Click here to visit his site.

For comprehensive information on St Olav and the St Olav Ways, go to ‘St Olav’s Way’ http://pilegrimsleden.no/en/. Information about St Olav, the routes and pilgrimage in Norway can be found. The site is managed by Nidaros Diocese. The CSJ description of the Nidaros route is here.

In Denmark the old Haervejen (“Army Road”) – not in itself a pilgrim road – has been extended so that there is a complete route from Padborg to Frederikshavn, and thus a link from Nidaros (the burial place of St Olav) to Rome and Santiago.

And we are aware of a growing interest in the Via Francigena (Canterbury to Rome) (More …)

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