Obtaining a Credencial or Pilgrim Record

The Confraternity issues Pilgrim Records free to members – but NOT to non-members.  Pilgrim records are made available only to walkers, cyclists, and pilgrims on horseback who are travelling without vehicular backup.

1. If you’re a member of the Confraternity:

Apply by post, in good time (ideally 1-2 months before your pilgrimage) to the Pilgrim Records Secretary – name and address on the back of your Bulletin – enclosing an SAE, quoting your membership number, stating where you’re starting from, and how you intend to travel. N.B. each member of a group needs his or her own pilgrim record.Postage rates for your SAE (within the UK) are:

For 1-3 Pilgrim Records: an A5 SAE with 2 first-class stamps;

For 4-7 Pilgrim Records: an A4 SAE with 3 first-class stamps;

For 8-10 Pilgrim Records: an A4 SAE with 4 first-class stamps.

N.B. your stamps should be at the rate prevailing for 28 days after you make your request (to allow for absence on the part of the Pilgrim Records Secretary).Please ensure you pay the correct postage on your letter to the Pilgrim Record Secretary-many requests are being delayed due to insufficient postage -you usuaklly need to pay a Large Letter rate – and CSJ cannot always guarantee to collect your letter form the local PO sorting office or pay the extra postage.NB The system works best if you join CSJ first and then wait for your welcome letter and membership number and the correct address to send your request.For overseas requests send 3 International Reply Coupons only. No envelope is required.

2. If you’re not a member of the Confraternity:

If you chose not to become a member of the Confraternity please do not apply to us.

Where you should apply depends on your starting point. You will be able to obtain a credencial as you start your pilgrimage.

Starting Point Where to apply
le Puy the Cathedral, or the local association of the Amis de St Jacques
St Jean Pied-de-Port Accueil St Jacques,39 rue de la Citadelle
Roncesvalles the Abbey
Pamplona the main building (Edificio Central) of the University of Navarra, where the Pilgrim Office and Alumni Office is open 24/7.
Other places in Spain the local refugio, the church, the police station, the guardia civil, the ayuntamiento, the office of the local Amigos del Camino de Santiago.

3. If you live in the USA, Canada, or Ireland:

Apply to the local association:

For the USA, American Pilgrims on the Camino

For Canada, The Canadian Company of Pilgrims.

For Ireland, the Irish Society of the Friends of St James.

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