Guide books

CSJ guide books are written and updated by volunteers around the world.  You can expect them to:

  • be lightweight - our guides contain only the information you need: up-to-date accommodation listings including contact and facilities details, elevation profiles and walking directions as and when needed
  • fit into cargo trouser pockets - so you can refer to them quickly and easily as you're going along
  • cost less  - we believe in keeping costs down on the camino, starting with your guide book!

Our most recent guide books are also available on Kindle.  Click here to visit our page.

We believe in giving the information that you need.  There's no need to overburden you with detailed route finding maps and town plans - on the majority of camino routes, you can simply follow the yellow arrows all the way!  In our latest guides, we give you an illustrative impression of where you are going by using indicative line maps and elevation profiles provided to us by - a leading Spanish information service provider on the camino. But other than that, our guides include general interest descriptions of the places you are passing through as well as the all-important details of accommodation options.  Our guides contain thorough briefs of all types of hostel, including information on facilities, opening times/season, phone numbers and email addresses, if applicable. 

Click here to browse our guides in the CSJ online shop.


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