All you need for the Camino Portugués - 3-in-1 suite (2018/19)




This "bundle" of three publications includes:

Camino de Santiago Pilgrim Guides 2017/2018 - Preparing for the Camino Portugués, Johnnie Walker and either

Camino de Santiago Pilgrim Guides: Camino Portugués Part 1: Lisbon to Porto 2017, Written by Laurie Reynolds, edited by Johnnie Walker. or

Camino Pilgrim Guide to Camino Portugués Central: Porto to Santiago de Compostela via Central Route 2018/19, Johnnie Walker. or

Camino Pilgrim Guide to Camino Portugués de la Costa: Porto to Santiago de Compostela via Coastal, Seaside and Spiritual Routes 2018/2019, Johnnie Walker. and

Camino de Santiago Pilgrim Guides: A pilgrim's guide to Santiago de Compostela, 2017/2018, Johnnie Walker.



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Part 1 Lisbon to Porto, Part 2 Porto to Santiago Central Route, Part 2 Porto to Santiago Coastal Route


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