Camino Pilgrim™ Guides: St James Way - A pilgrim way from Reading to Southampton 2018/19


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Camino Pilgrim™ Guides: St James Way - A pilgrim way from Reading to Southampton 2018/19, Marion Marples ISBN 9781906364786

A Camino in England. This is the updated guide to the St James Way, a 110km-long route from Reading Abbey, the centre of the cult of St James in England in the Middle Ages, to the port of Southampton, from where pilgrims may have sailed to France or Spain on their way to the tomb of St James at Santiago de Compostela.

The route is mostly flat or undulating and presents no physical challenges. It goes through beautiful parts of the country and at times follows rivers and canals.

Not only is this route an excellent way for prospective Camino Pilgrims to discover pilgrimage in the UK, but it serves as brilliant practice for anyone planning on undertaking the Camino de Santiago itself in France, Spain or Portugal.

Walking this route also has an another benefit. The CSJ encourages pilgrims on the Camino Inglés to walk from A Coruña, the more traditional and historic starting point for medieval pilgrims coming from England. Previously these pilgrims could not be given the official "Compostela" certificate of completion from Santiago Cathedral because it fell short of the 100km required to qualify. However, by collecting stamps to record your journey along the St James Way in the UK, you can combine the distances and qualify for one!


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