DVD: Within The Way Without | A Limited & Signed Edition for the Confraternity of St James


Larry Boulting 2004 The film Within the Way Without, featuring Rob Jorritsma as Winter pilgrim, Madoka Mayuzumi as Spring pilgrim and Milena Salgado as Summer pilgrim. Introduction by Sir Richard Attenborough.150 mins, Dolby 5.1 stereo, PAL. Each DVD numbered and signed by Larry Boulting


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"I hope this film not only serves to re-awaken our individual and personal memories of the camino, but also remains faithful to the larger principles and spirit which have guided us down that unforgettable road to Santiago.  In the 5 years it took to make this film, I have realised again and again that the camino only really began when it was apparently ending in Compostela.  It is always with us and, in that sense, we are never alone but always in the company of our fellow pilgrims. And this, for sure, is a blessing." -- Laurence Boulting

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Confraternity of Saint James,
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Founded in 1983 to promote the pilgrim routes to Santiago de Compostela

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