Miam Miam Dodo: GR65 Via Podiensis Section 2: Cahors - Roncevaux



Lauriane and Jacques Clouteau. Les Editions de Vieux Crayon, 2019.

Provides information on where to eat and sleep and comprehensive information on services, all within 4km of the second section of the GR65 (Cahors to Roncevaux).

Includes a glossary in 6 languages of the terms that appear in the guidebook.

For part 1 of the guide: Le Puy-Cahors -- https://www.csj.org.uk/product/miam-miam-dodo-gr65-gr651-la-voie-du-puy-2015/

For part 3 of the guide: Variantes du Célé et Rocamadour -- https://www.csj.org.uk/product/miam-miam-dodo-chemin-de-compostelle-gr-65-variante-du-cele-de-rocamadour/

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