To download images from the Picture Gallery

You may download images from this collection on Creative Commons Terms Creative Commons License

  • Copyright in these images rests with the original photographers, who have granted limited rights – including the right to make these pictures available on Creative Commons terms – to the Confraternity.
  • However, any user may download any image, or any number of images, without charge, and without prior permission.
  • You may edit, adapt, or change any such images.
  • You may make them, whether in original form, or changed, available to others, provided that you do so on the same terms as you received them.
  • In making these images available elsewhere, you must acknowledge their source, and include the photographer’s name.
  • Most of these images are available as 300 dpi files (approx 5MBs) for commercial reproduction; these may be obtained from the gallery manager.
  • If you wish to use any of these images, whether in original form, or changed, for any commercial or profit-making purpose, please ensure that you contact us in advance for permission and to pay us any standard fee due (which we shall use in pursuance of our charitable objectives).
  • Click on the following link for fuller details of the Creative Commons license: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0 England & Wales License.

To download an image, simply right click on it, then click Save as, choosing a file name and location on your computer.

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