The annual CSJ lecture in memory of Constance Storrs.  This year’s lecture is entitled: 

“Slowing Down on the Camino De Santiago”, from Professor Giana Eckhardt and Dr Katharina Husemann from the University of Royal Holloway.

It will be held in the John Trevor Williams Room of Southwark Cathedral at 2:30pm on Saturday 8th December 2018.

Abstract: People increasingly feel the need to escape from today’s fast paced society. The research carried out by Professor Eckhardt and Dr Husemann demonstrates that we can understand pilgrimage as an opportunity for people to slow down, a key insight into understanding the Camino de Santiago’s renewed popularity in contemporary times. In this talk, they will outline how people slow down in three ways: embodied, technological and episodic.
Giana Eckhardt is Professor of Marketing and Director of the Center for Research in Sustainability at Royal Holloway University of London. Giana is a leading expert in the area of spirituality and consumption, and her work has been featured in outlets such as the The Economist and the BBC. Giana has walked both the Portuguese and the French routes of the Camino de Santiago as a part of her research on how pilgrimages are consumed.
Katharina C. Husemann, PhD is senior lecturer in Marketing at Royal Holloway, University of London. Her research is embedded in the field of consumer culture theory and aims at exploring consumer responses to a globalized, accelerated consumer culture that contemporary Western societies have developed into. Katharina’s current research activities contribute to important interdisciplinary debates on social conflict in consumption, sustainable/ethical consumption and production, and spirituality and consumption. She has published in outlets such as Journal of Consumer Research, Psychology & Marketing and Long Range Planning. Katharina received a prestigious research grant from the British Academy as well as the Marietta Blau-Scholarship sponsored by the Austrian Agency for International Mobility and Cooperation in Education, Science and Research (OeAD).
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