St James in the British Isles

As part of its Aims and objectives, the CSJ undertakes and promotes research into the history of the pilgrimage, and the cult of St James in Britain. There are also many churches around the UK that are dedicated to St James the Great. CSJ Volunteers have worked hard to discover and research them for many years, and thanks to them we now have a great deal of information about churches of St James in the British Isles and about ports, routes and other pilgrimage/St James-related items.

Of course the research is ongoing and we are updating and augmenting our records so that local CSJ groups or anyone interested in pilgrimage can use it to assist their own visits or local research.

We are also trying to gather good quality digital images for a Flickr group –  referred to here as SJITBI Flickr group –  set up specifically to collect St James-related pictures from the British Isles.  All you need to do is set up a Flickr account and apply to join the group. Please note some churches and other buildings may require you to get permission before taking photographs, or may restrict use of flash/tripods etc.

We've made a Google Fusion Table to show what we've found so far - see below.  Please note that this map is still under construction and only shows sites in the counties added to this page thus far, or sites in counties in the process of being added.  Click and hold on the map to move it around, and zoom in and click on a dot marker to get more information. The markers have been placed as accurately as possible, but please report any serious errors, and please always check locations before travelling to visit any churches etc.  The Church of England website is very useful for maps and contact details should you want to check location and whether a church will be open.

The map key is as follows:

  • Red dots are churches with pre-Reformation dedications to Saint James
  • Pink dots are churches with post-Reformation dedications to Saint James
  • Dark blue dots are churches with other dedications but art or monuments connected to Saint James
  • Yellow dots are places of interest, which may be churches reported to have a Saint James connection or depiction which has not yet been verified, or places with historic fairs of Saint James or other pilgrimage connections
  • Light blue dots are pilgrim ports

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