The Journey Continues

So, you have walked or cycled all the way to Santiago, maybe even ridden a horse there. You have your compostela or certificado and suddenly the object of weeks or months of preparation and effort is over.  When you first arrive in Santiago you may feel elated, dejected, relieved, disappointed, serene, excited, or a mixture of all of these and more. When you return home you may feel somehow out of step with the real world and a bit lost or empty.  People refer to this as “Post-Camino Syndrome”.   Many returned pilgrims also feel a strong urge to reconnect with the pilgrimage and to give something back to the camino in thanks for their own experiences.  “What next?” is a question that many pilgrims will ask themselves over the days, weeks and months that follow.

We hope to help you answer that question.  In the pages in this section you will find suggestions and links about how to use your pilgrim experiences and how to stay connected with fellow pilgrims, starting with what you can do immediately after arrival in Santiago and going on to detail activities available when you return home.