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Unfortunately vegetarian options are not so plentiful in Spain, although an increasing number of place are starting to offer them.  If you are a very strict vegetarian or vegan it is probably best to cook for yourself or try to stay at albergues or other establishments that specifically offer vegetarian catering.  There are also some vegetarian restaurants en-route, particularly in the larger cities.

If you are self-catering, make sure your albergue has a kitchen available (and sufficient kitchen equipment) before shopping for ingredients.  Before you go on camino write down or save on your phone several pasta/rice/potato/pulse based recipes that are simple and can be adapted to a variety of ingredients.

If you do eat out in ordinary bars and restaurants you can ask for salad to be served without the ever-present dollop of tinned tuna but be aware that many lentil or vegetable soups will be cooked with meat stock and that pastries and cakes may contain egg or animal fats.

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