Telephones and Internet

Spain has good mobile coverage, so it is easy to stay in touch via phone.  Don’t forget to make sure your phone will work overseas - you will need a GSM phone which can operate on Spanish frequency bands.  All phones in the UK, Australia, New Zealand or South Africa operate on the same GSM  frequencies as Spain, and new handsets in UK are at least dual band which is necessary for them to work in Spain.  If in any doubt about your handset, please check with the store or manufacturer.

You can either use the phone via roaming on your current network (you will need to activate roaming on your phone at least a week before you go - contact your mobile phone provider for details) or via a prepaid Global SIM card or via a Spanish SIM card to save on costs.  The most cost-effective option will depend on whether you will make a lot of local calls (local SIM is probably better) or international calls (Global SIM or roaming will probably be cheaper). You will need to have your phone unlocked to enable you to change SIM cards, please check with your mobile phone provider regarding unlocking fees.

Some phones from various USA (Sprint and Verizon) and Canadian networks may well be CDMA only so incompatible with the European GSM networks, please check with your mobile phone provider.

There are an increasing amount of internet or WiFi availability in bars and albergues throughout Spain, particularly on the Camino Francés.  Keeping in touch via email, or Skype or WhatsApp may be cheaper than texting or calling.


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