The Camino in pictures

Centro Virtual Cervantes - a virtual pilgrimage

This large Spanish-language site includes pages on the camino grouped according to the 13 stages of the Codex Calixtinus. The emphasis is on the monuments along the way, and the visitor is invited to make a virtual journey along the camino.

The Picture Pages of the Camino

This site gives a comprehensive overview of the main routes in Spain, including the Camino Francés, Aragonés, Inglés, Finistere, Primitivo, Portugués, Via de la Plata, Camino del Norte, and the Tunnel route. Each route is covered stage-by-stage in a page with 20-40 pictures. The captions of most pages are in English and Spanish, and often other languages; the Camino Francés pages are translated into 6 European and 3 Far Eastern languages. There is also a growing index of links to other websites classified by what they contain. Also,people can send any of the pictures as electronic postcards to their friends, and they can register their Camino when the reach Santiago.

Michael to Santiago

"This website, of digital photos taken during my pilgrimage in May/June 2003, has been created to enable other pilgrims, especially those I met along the way, to rekindle their memories, as well as to give prospective pilgrims a preview of what they may experience along the Camino."

Another Camino Francés gallery

New Zealander Tony Maxwell's pictures of the Camino Francés, mostly taken in 2003.

 The Arles Route in pictures

A new site containing a gallery of pictures of the Arles route.

 Paul Quayle's Gallery

A professional photographer who includes camino photographs in the Features section of his website.

Thomas Meredith's photographs

A collection of evocative pictures of the Camino Francés, taken by a professional photographer. He has a YouTube slide show version here.

Gretchen Markle's Paintings

Gretchen Markle is a visual artist from British Columbia. She has just completed a series of oil paintings called "Parallel Journeys" based on her experience of the Camino Francés.

Fernando Diaz on the Camino Frances

Photographs of each stage of the Camino Francés, with some supporting information about the pilgrimage

 Robert S. Harrison - 'Life and Light Along the Way of Saint James'

Photographs of the Camino de Santiago by Robert S. Harrison, a professional photographer from the USA, who has walked the Camino 3 times.


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