Many pilgrims come back from the camino with a sense of deflation and sadness that it's all over.  Well! The good news is that it is far from over. Once you've done your first camino, you have the wonderful opportunity to share your knowledge and experiences with other people who were just like you.  There are so many ways of "giving something back" to your time on the camino. 

Indeed, there are plenty of things you can find at the end of your camino, in Santiago itself.  Apart from just meeting the hundreds if not thousands of people that have just done what you've done, there are even volunteering opportunities to be had in the pilgrim office, in the cathedral or in one of the many albergues there.  See our Things to do in Santiago page for more details.

Even after you've returned home, there are a bunch of ways to hold on to the camino in your regular activity at home. This of course is made a lot easier by joining your local association. See our list of associations here.

UK residents are fortunate enough to have a plethora of caminos right here at home!  So if you don't quite have the time or the money to immediately make your return trip to Santiago, you can keep the interest alive by walking or cycling some of the many ancient and beautiful routes in this country! And of course they are great for practice! Check out our Caminos in the UK page.  

What many people consider to be the ultimate way to give back is becoming an hospitalero/a - and looking after pilgrims first-hand in a pilgrim albergue out on the camino itself.  So many of our members have been inspired to help others on their journeys by providing them with warm hospitality and care, inspired of course by their own experiences!  Click here to read more on our Be a hospitalero page. 


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