The purpose of the Fund is to develop the St James’ Way for the pilgrims who walk it. 

Its first goal is the glorious presentation of the Santiago Cross on the route at a place that is open to pilgrims to pray, meditate, and energise their spirit.

To this end, on 27th February 2023, The Hospital of St Cross in Winchester agreed to mark their visible affiliation with Santiago-bound pilgrims by placing a ‘Santiago Pilgrim's Shell’ near its entrance.  An engineering drawing of this item from its maker at The Ewing Workshop can be seen below.  It will be cast in bronze and is expected to be unveiled in Spring 2024.

Engineering drawing of the 'Santiago Pilgrim's Shell’

Additionally, the ‘Vision of the Santiago Cross’ painting, a sponsorship product of this Fund, is now fittingly housed on the route at Cross House.  This is the parish building beside the medieval Church of St James in Bramley, Hampshire, and a British Pilgrimage Trust ‘Sanctuary Network’ site.

Vision of the Santiago Cross

Future projects include:

  • Granite distance markers to Santiago de Compostela in Reading and Southampton.
  • Soft matting, tents, and pilgrim stamps for British Pilgrimage Trust ‘Sanctuary Network’ sites.
  • 12 characteristic wooden St James’ Way Camino Inglés waymark posts.

The Fund was created in 2022 to enable David Sinclair and Adrian Croft to seek sponsors for its aims.  The pair walked the entire route in a record 3 days, from 5th to 7th August, with others.

Contributing to the Fund represents a way of expressing your thanks for this English Camino.

This web page will be kept up to date about the work of this Fund to bring the essence of the Camino pilgrimage to the St James’ Way.