Office volunteering

"Over the years many of the people I’ve met, volunteers and visitors alike, have become friends and walking companions both abroad and in the UK." 

"This gave me the opportunity to meet other volunteers, get to know the CSJ, and learn about the many different Camino walking routes." 

"The CSJ welcomes all comers, first time pilgrims and seasoned veterans alike.  As well as offering help and advice, it seeks to create a community of like minded people in its home UK territory and around the world."


Committee roles

"I took to the road 12 years ago, after retiring as a Herefordshire rural GP. I had the practical and moral support of the CSJ, which was one of the few such organisations out there. I was very much encouraged to see this as 'my Camino'."


Social media

"When I came home from walking the Camino Ingles in October I felt changed, as so many people do – and I really wanted to find a way to ground those changes and make them permanent in my life."



"Being an hospitalier taught me that caring for others was one of life\s great privileges."