We are a UK-based charity established to promote the pilgrimage to the shrine of St James in Santiago de Compostela.  We provide a range of information services to assist prospective pilgrims, of all religions or none, who are planning a walking, cycling or horseback journey along one of the many Camino de Santiago routes.

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We can provide all the resources you need to successfully prepare for your own Camino:

  • Books and guides through our online shop.
  • Pilgrim passport/credencial; click here to find out what this is and click here how and where to get one.
  • Advice on routes and many other practical matters including footwear, kit,  transport, accommodation and packing light.
  • Events and local groups where you can get support from experienced pilgrims and meet others planning their own Caminos.
  • Historical, cultural and spiritual aspects of pilgrimage.
  • Library and Image Gallery.
  • Returned pilgrims are encouraged to see The Journey Continues for details of activities and events,and other opportunities to reconnect with the pilgrimage and to share their experience volunteering with the CSJ in the UK, or at one of our two pilgrim hostels in Spain.

Beginning to plan your Camino? A seasoned peregrino? Or simply exploring the idea?  We are delighted to welcome you to the CSJ site.  Please take a look at About Us and Aims & Objectives for further information on who we are and what we do, for Membership and How to Join Us, and for details of our events and activities in the UK.  We invite you to Contact Us in order  to give feedback or ask for any information not included in this website.


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