Our primary mission is to provide information, advice and guidance on the Camino de Santiago to anyone that wants it, regardless of your motivation or background. 

We can talk to you person-to-person and answer any questions you have. We want you to feel prepared, reassured and excited about this potentially life-altering journey! There are a number of ways you can get in touch:

The Office

Email or call us! Someone is usually in the office, but if not, leave us a message and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. [email protected] or 0207 9289988 And remember, if we don't know the answer ourselves, we have a whole membership of people who we can put you in touch with!

Open Days

Our Open Days are every Thursday from 11am-3:30pm and on occasional Saturdays. This is when the CSJ volunteers are in to answer pilgrims' questions, show you the bookshop and process pilgrim passport and membership applications. Check out our Events Page for the next dates. Our extensive pilgrim library is also available for all to peruse. Note, though, that only members may borrow titles. 

The enthusiasm and knowledge of the volunteers I met made me determined to go on my first Camino.


We sell a variety of books on the Camino.  Many of these are written and published by the CSJ and are available nowhere else. And for those that aren't - remember that when you buy from us, you are also giving to a Camino pilgrim charity in the process!

Guidebooks - We stock guidebooks to all the most popular Camino routes to Santiago - and some of the less popular ones! Whereas once we were the only UK-based organisation writing them, now there are many to choose from. Ask us which one we recommend for the route you're doing!  For lesser-known routes, we do sometimes have booklets lurking in our office. So if you can't see one for the route you're doing, drop us a line and check if we have anything that isn't listed on the shop! 

General Literature - Want to learn more about the Camino, pilgrimage, St James, spiritual walking or other? We have a selection to choose from - all of them written by pilgrims for pilgrims. Whether you want to get inspired or reminisce, our general reading is well worth exploring too. Our current favourite - It's About Time by Johnnie Walker.

Academic titles - One of the CSJ's charitable objectives is to promote research and the education of the public in pilgrimage. We have published papers, conference proceedings, theses and other academic works, some of which are available in our online shop. For a full catalogue, see our Library.

Practical Pilgrim Days
A fantastic opportunity for pilgrims past, present and future to reflect on what the Camino means to them! Get advice from experienced Camino pilgrims, connect with like-minded people and join the community!  These days consist of talks about the CSJ and how we can help, practical tips on preparing for a pilgrimage, Q and A panel discussions, route-specific group sessions and a chance to discuss what the Camino means to you. Currently organised each year in London, Manchester, Edinburgh, Cornwall and Bristol, with hopefully more venues in the future!

...a fount of information and so enthusiastic and encouraging.

CSJ Wine Bar Evenings

The second Tuesday of every month, we meet in Blackfriars Wine Bar for wine, food and a chance to chat all things Camino! Whether it's to ask questions, answer them, or just reminisce in the pilgrim vibe - these are great fun for anyone within spitting distance of London on a weekday evening. 

Returned Pilgrim Days

We realise that it's sometimes tough to talk properly about one's Camino with people that haven't done it themselves. These days are aimed at those pilgrims who have returned and want to share their stories and experiences with people who understand how they might be feeling. Returned Pilgrims Days are a wonderful way to get to know new people with common experience and interest. 

What I found was a relaxed but well-planned day with people who immediately felt like friends, people who could really understand what I’d just done.

Constance Storrs Lecture

Our annual lecture in memory of Constance Storrs, whose research into Jacobean Pilgrimage from Britain in the 12th Century helped revive the Camino in the UK in the late 20th century. The topics vary from year to year - some are more academic, some more personal. Usually held in late Autumn.