pilgrims camino del norte albergue de miraz csjThere are two ways to make your subscription payment, whether you're starting a new membership or renewing a pre-existing one. 

1. For UK members only - you can set up a Direct Debit with our trusted partner Gocardless. This means, of course, you don't have to remember to renew your membership next year - it'll just come out automatically and save you some hassle.

Gocardless CSJ membership button

You'll receive confirmation about your first payment, and then your payments in future once everything is set up!

2. You can make a one-off payment in our online shop by debit/credit card. You can buy either 1 year's membership, or you can join for 3 years up front and get a 10% discount. We'll send you an email when your membership is due to expire.

If you click below, you'll be taken to the Membership & Pilgrim Passports category of the shop, where you can choose the kind of membership you'd like and also add in a credencial if you need one!

Click here to renew through the shop