Aims & Objectives
The Confraternity of Saint James is a non-denominational membership organisation, open to all who support its aims, whose object is to advance the education of the public about the pilgrimage to the shrine of St James the Great at Santiago de Compostela, and its related history and arts.
To do this it
• holds regular meetings, lectures and events.
• publishes a regular Bulletin on aspects of the pilgrimage in Britain, France and Spain. The Bulletin carries articles, news and reviews concerning the pilgrimage and related books, exhibitions, activities and events in Britain and on the Continent, study tours etc.
• runs two pilgrim hostels, Refugio Gaucelmo, at Rabanal del Camino on the Camino francés (opened 1991) and Albergue San Martín, albergue de peregrinos at Miraz on the Camino del Norte (opened 2005).
• provides practical information in its Pilgrim Guides to the routes in France and Spain, which are updated at frequent intervals on the basis of feedback from pilgrims.
• provides face-to-face information at the London office, at Practical Pilgrim days and at outside events like Greenbelt.
• operates a library at the London office, which is open to the public (though only members may borrow books) and a slide library (available to members only).
• maintains this website, which includes an on-line Shop carrying a range of guides and other books about the pilgrimage.
• undertakes and promotes research into the history of the pilgrimage, and the cult of Saint James in Britain.
• takes an active part in identifying and safeguarding monuments and works of art connected with St James and the pilgrimage.
• may be able to offer help to elderly, frail or disabled people otherwise unable to make the pilgrimage to Santiago.
• participates in the activities of other European groups.
• is not restricted to those who have made the journey to Santiago, but welcomes as members all who are interested in its aims and activities.
Honorary President: H.E. the Spanish Ambassador
Registered Charity 1091140, Company limited by guarantee No 4096721. The Trustees’ liability was (under UK law) previously unlimited: now all members share liability, but to a limit of £1.