In the autonomous community of Castilla-y-León, between the towns of Astorga and Ponferrada is the village of Rabanal del Camino. The first of its kind in this rural hamlet, Refugio Gaucelmo was established by the CSJ in 1991, in association with one of the Friends of the Camino associations of the local area of El Bierzo. 

Formerly an old parish house, the award-winning Refugio Gaucelmo has been providing traditional-style hospitality to pilgrims along the Camino Francés every year since between the months of April and October.  As of the end of 2021, we had welcomed more than 161,697 pilgrims who came to enjoy our beautiful garden, classic afternoon tea and the Gregorian chant from the friendly monks next door!

In October 2021, Refugio Gaucelmo celebrated the 30th anniversary of its opening!  Due to ongoing difficulties with international travel, celebrations took place on Zoom, where we heard the full story of the foundation of this special place.  The words, photos and videos of those that were there at its beginning are narrated by those that diligently manage the upkeep of the hostel now...

Phone number: (34) 987 631 751

Want to stay with us?

  • We have 36 beds, given on a first-come-first-served basis, a fully-equipped kitchen, a salón and a spacious and beautiful garden area
  • In the traditional spirit of the Camino we do not take reservations and we will accept small groups of up to 7 pilgrims who have walked, cycled or ridden on horseback.
  • A simple breakfast is offered
  • We are donativo – meaning pilgrims that stay with us make a donation towards the upkeep of the refuge
  • We open around 12:30 (may vary depending on weather)
  • Disabled pilgrims can ring ahead for advice on facilities

Want to work with us?

  • We are always looking for hospitaleros (hostel wardens) to staff Gaucelmo.  These consist of volunteers who are either members of the CSJ or other equivalent associations around the world.  Typically, they stay for 2 weeks in a team of 2 or 3 hospitaleros depending on experience.  
  • Applicants should have done a camino previously and have an adequate command of Spanish (other languages also helpful). 
  • Email [email protected] for the application form - please specify your preference of hostel. 

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