What do you get as a member of the CSJ UK?

I feel part of a big 'community'. 

First and foremost, you will support the work of the only dedicated camino charity in the UK. Your membership allows us to continue to provide advice and reassurance for pilgrims before they go, care and hospitality when they stay in our albergues, and a community of like-minded people to come back to. 

You'll become part of the club! It's often difficult to come back after the camino and try to relay the amazing experience you've had to people who haven't done it themselves. So often we hear the response: "But...it was just a walk, wasn't it?". Becoming a member means you have access to the thousand others who know exactly how you're feeling. 

Help us spread the word about this spiritual and cultural phenomenon and bring the often life-altering experience to as many people as possible!

What I particularly like about my Camino friends is the company of like-minded people who are always on hand to share their experiences, pass on advice, meet up for a chat, and generally give of their time.

As a member you are also entitled to:

  • A free pilgrim passport(s) when you apply
  • 50% discount off your first CSJ-published guide
  • 50% discount off your first buff
  • 15% discount at Cotswold Outdoor Centres
  • Discounts to CSJ events
  • Borrow anything from our extensive pilgrim library, including academic works and pilgrim accounts
  • Our members’ biannual online magazine, the eBulletin
  • Opportunities to volunteer with aspects of the running of the CSJ
  • Connection to a community of camino pilgrims 

I have made some wonderful friends, got to know a lot of interesting and individual people, had some good long-distance walking abroad and got to know my own strengths and weaknesses better.

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