Clearance - Camino de Santiago Pilgrim Guides: A pilgrim's guide to Santiago de Compostela 2017/2018

Camino de Santiago Pilgrim Guides: A pilgrim's guide to Santiago de Compostela, 2017/2018 Johnnie Walker

This guide includes all the information you need to follow the traditional pilgrim rituals on arrival in Santiago de Compostela and spiritual services available for English speakers.  In addition, it gives 20 things for pilgrims to see and do in Santiago as well as “The Route of Routes”, a 14 km walking tour of the city that takes you on five caminos – via churches, historic buildings, markets, forests and parks. Finally, the guide includes comprehensive details of pensiones and pilgrim hostels in Santiago (for hotels please refer to websites such as and an appendix providing a summary of the pilgrims' mass.

RRP £5.00. Clearance price £1.50 until 29th June.

Please note whilst the vast majority of the information contained in this guidebook is still accurate it has not been updated since before the Covid pandemic. The waymarking on the Camino routes remains of a high standard but some details of accommodation and facilities may have changed. Therefore we advise pilgrims using this guide to cross reference the information with that contained on  This website is always up to date. It is in Spanish but simply open the link in a Chrome browser, right click and select Translate.