Camino Pilgrim™ Guides: Camino Portugués de la Costa 2018/19

Camino Pilgrim™ Guides: Camino Portugués de la Costa: Porto to Santiago de Compostela via Coastal, Seaside and Spiritual Routes 2018/19, Johnnie Walker.

In Portuguese the Caminho da Costa is an increasingly popular route from Porto, up the coast through beautiful towns such as Vila do Conde, Viana do Castelo, Baiona and Vigo, joining up with the Central route at Redondela.  Those following the Spiritual Variant will head westwards from Pontevedra to Vilanova de Arousa and take the chartered pilgrim boat up the Ría Arousa to Padrón, a day's walk from Santiago.

An all-in-one guide book to the historic and beautiful Coastal and Seaside (Littoral) routes from Porto, used by pilgrims living in coastal communities since the 1700s.  This guide also contains information on the Spiritual Variant from Vilanova de Arousa by boat up to Padrón, via the estuary up which the body of St James was said to have travelled in a stone boat.  Contains line maps, height profiles, photographs, accommodation details and facilities.

Camino Pilgrim™ guides are lightweight, pocket-size and great value. They are written by volunteer pilgrims and contain detailed information on places to stay, route-finding, line maps, elevation profiles and photographs from our own members!