It's About Time: a call to the Camino de Santiago

This is the story of how Johnnie Walker, the principal Camino Pilgrim guide writer for many years, was called to Santiago in the first place.  Since he first answered that call, he has walked many caminos, written many guide books and met many pilgrims with a variety of motives for making the journey.  Several of their stories are included in this book. It is an excellent companion for anyone wanting to know about the origins and practicalities of the camino, as well as its power to transform.  If you needed any inspiration to make the first step, here it is!

“This will make you laugh and make you cry … a book that gives you a TRUE feeling of a Camino and all the feelings, laughter and joy that go with it.” James Martin, Washington

“Undoubtedly, it is one of the most beautiful books on the Camino I have ever read. I'm still reading it. Savoring every single word and photo. Turning the pages, through tears, remembering and dreaming of the future.” Marian Gonsior

"With 'It's about time' the author has accomplished a difficult task, writing a Camino book that is at the same time interesting for those that never have even heard of the Camino as well as those who have walked many. Short paragraphs explain the history of the Camino as well as practical matters like the Credencial and the Compostela. And it's framed by a foreword by Camino author Joyce Rupp and a conclusion by Martin Sheen of 'The Way' fame. But most of the book is about the inner experience of pilgrims, more precisely how they felt called and answered that call." Sybille Yates