Pilgrim Pathways

Twenty selected walks through the spiritual landscape of Britain

Whether it's for reasons of spiritual, mental or physical health, many people are inspired by the idea of going on a pilgrimage.  TV series such as The Road to Santiago have shown that even the averagely unfit celeb can hobble through one. However, few of us have time for such long routes. So what to do?

Pilgrim Pathways has the answer: 20 answers in fact. The pilgrimages in this book are achievable for those with limited time or busy lives. Britain's ancient pilgrim paths are dauntingly long but we've distilled the best of them into walks that can be accomplished comfortably in two days. There are even many one-day options. Now anyone can be a Weekend Pilgrim.

20 routes in England, Wales and Scotland

Covering more than 40 days of walking, the author shares his experience of each pilgrimage and lists practical information and tips so you can plan the perfect pilgrimage weekend.

Downloadable walking instructions and gpx files

Only accessible to readers of this book, there are downloadable step-by-step walking instructions (for OS map users), and gpx files if you want to follow the route on your smartphone or gps unit.