Returning from Camino

By Dr Alexander John Shaia.

My only regret when I made the film - "Walking the Camino: Six Ways to Santiago" - was that I hadn't found a way to address what happens when pilgrims finish walking.  Thank goodness Alexander is addressing this very needed and vitally important topic.  This book will bring much peace, comfort and reassurance to many a pilgrim upon returning home.  I wish this book had existed when I walked my first Camino in 2008! - Lydia Smith, Producer/Director of "Walking the Camino"

I tend to focus on the preparations for the journey, or the journey itself and forget that I have to return home and re-assimilate.  I'm still struggling with the return to 'normal'.  Thank you Alexander.  This is a valuable book. - David Littleton, Camino Pilgrim

Pilgrimage often leave you sitting back at home wondering what happened. This book is for anyone returning from pilgrimage, not simply Spain's Camino.  Alexander ably guides the pilgrim through the confusions experienced on the journey, as well as returning home.  When my pilgrim foot hits the road, this book will be in my bag. - Andrea Lingle, Author and Iona Pilgrimage Leader

With purity of heart and spirit, Alexander John Shaia is the perfect compañero, accompanying pilgrims as they integrate the Camino into their lives and prepare for the new beginnings that await. - Liz Helmore, Director, Nativa Travel, Spain,

The most powerful moment of pilgrimage, the time of return, has oddly been ignored in Camino literature until now.  Alexander's compelling guide answers this need of returning pilgrims.  He offers gentle guidance as well as potent tools and rituals that help harness a pilgrim's life changing transformation. - Beebe Bahrami, Anthropologist and Writer including her "Camino de Santiago" guide to sacred sites, historic villages, local food and wine, published by Moon, 2019.

Alexander John Shaia is an author, speaker, and pilgrim mentor sought internationally for retreats and seminars.  Each year he leads an intimate band of pilgrims for 55 days on the Camino as an intentional rite of passage. He frequently appears as a guest on various podcasts including Robcast with Rob Bell, and You Made It Weird, with comedian Pete Holmes.  For more, see Alexander John's website: