Ultreia! Onward! Progress of the Pilgrim

If you carry a sole book on your pilgrimage in addition to your travel guide, this should be the one!

Pilgrims struggling toward Santiago de Compostela in Medieval times would shout in chorus "E ultreia!" E suseia! Deus aia nos! (Onward! Upward! God help us!) as encouragement to keep moving ahead when facing burdensome difficulties.  Today, with the renewed and increasing popular interest in "El Camino", modern pilgrims facing fatigue and discomfort still require such motivation to continue their forward progress.  In this compilation of over two hundred quotations drawn from over thirty contemporary sources, editor and Harvard University professor Robert L France offers new equivalents to the old pilgrims' rallying cry. These quotations, arranged in sequence to be read at specific breaks during each day's walk on pilgrimage, should serve to revive strength and enthusiasm and thus help inspire those wearing the scallop shell to achieve their physical goal of "hugging the apostle" upon reaching Santiago de Compostela.

A pocket book of inspirational quotations collected from modern pilgrimage narratives that are meant to be read at select times during each day on the Camino.

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