A Hug for the Apostle - 2020 edition

Inspired by the book, publisher and designer have savoured vicariously the joys and happenstances of life on the Camino, its little adventures and occasional hardships, and the road's many treasures. Even if you never walk the route (and you'll be tempted!), these evocative words and images will take you there. Historian and former Chair of the CSJ, Laurie Dennett, walked the 1,000 miles from Chartres to Santiago in spring 1986.  Heading south from Chartres Cathedral, she passed through the Loire Valley with its medieval chateaux, then Tours, Poitiers, Saintes and Bordeaux, each so significant in French history, and traversed the desolate Landes and the foothills of the Pyrenees.  She crossed the mountains, via legendary Roncesvalles, in Spanish Navarra, and walked through La Rioja's vineyards, the vast meseta of Castilla y León, and the green hills of Celtic Galicia, to Santiago de Compostela. Her lively account of this pilgrim journey - A Hug for the Apostle (1987) - sold out in eight months.  It became a hard-to-find classic, renowned for its direct style, its cultural and historical insights, and its depiction of the hospitality, kindnesses, and simple pleasures of life on the Camino, in a year when about 2,000 pilgrims reached Santiago. Laurie has remained actively involved with the Way of St James, while pilgrim numbers grew exponentially (to some 325,000 in 2018) and new modes of communication transformed travel.