Along The Way

By Robert Lawrence France.  An updated version of the most comprehensive examination of the cultural phenomenon of the Camino, including the themes of adventure, joy, contact, and contemplation covered in published pilgrim narratives.

By including over a hundred photographs, the book remains one of the most detailed illustrated records of the pilgrimage in an inexpensive, non-coffee-table format. Many of the subjects covered, such as architectural appreciation, have seldom been discussed or shown before.

This Revised Edition does not alter the original book but is based on providing additional material presented on two new websites that have been specifically created. Covers of dozens of books and CDs that comprise the catholic scholarship in Along the Way are now presented in the overview and open-access website A second, book-enhanced website available through the publisher (Libri Publishing) contains new colour photographs and, in response to queries received from readers, a new rank-assessment of the novels written about the Camino.

Can be bought with Ultreia! Onward! as part of package bundle.