After the Camino

Part of the two book set from Karin Kiser. The first book, Your Inner Camino, is available here. 

The real camino begins when you return to your life at home.

You did it. You walked the ancient pilgrimage route to Santiago de Compostela. Whether you started in St. Jean, Roncesvalles, Sarria, or from your own front door, you made the epic journey.

Now what?

The real camino begins after you arrive in Santiago, when you take your experience home with you. There’s never been a guidebook for the re-entry process, to ease the transition into your daily life.

Until now.

How will you integrate what you learned about yourself and the world around you? How will you keep the spirit of the camino alive in your daily life?

After the Camino shows you how.

After the Camino serves as a roadmap to keep the momentum going after you leave Santiago. The exercises, contemplations, and suggestions will help you avoid returning to the old habits, patterns, and routines of your pre-camino life. You’ll discover how to:

  • Simplify your life
  • Minimize post-camino blues
  • Let go of outdated beliefs and behaviors
  • Add more meaning to your day
  • Tap into the real source of personal fulfillment and daily satisfaction
  • Integrate the pilgrim way into your daily life

The camino isn’t something you do to check off a bucket list and return to your life as if nothing happened. Something did happen. The person who started the camino is no longer the same person who finished it.

This book is for that new version of you.

Jumping back into your normal life like you would after a vacation may not feel good or authentic now. Immediate action is required so your external environment at home can support your new internal state.

Just like the companion book, Your Inner Camino: Your Pocket Guide to Inspiration and Transformation Along the Camino de Santiago, this one is designed to be revisited often, whenever the post-camino blues start to creep in. Carry it with you in your pocket or purse and open it at random to remind you of your camino experience and inspire you to continue the journey at home. The compact, lightweight format is ideal for daily walks anywhere.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of each book goes toward maintaining the infrastructure and integrity of the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage routes.

Here’s what others are saying about After the Camino:

“It’s true that the Camino really starts when you’re back home. After the Camino was a life saver for me.” – Kathy Stearns, pilgrim on the Camino Portugués

After the Camino is the definitive guide every pilgrim should read to integrate what they have experienced on the Camino into their everyday life. It is not just a guide for the Camino de Santiago. It is a guide for life. A guide to learn to accept others and also ourselves, to see the opportunities instead of the problems, to appreciate every second, minute, hour, month and year of our lives.” – Silvia,, Santiago, Spain

After the Camino is packed with good ideas on how to accomplish the hardest thing about walking the camino: taking the lessons and energy of the Camino home with you. I wish I’d had this and the companion book Your Inner Camino when I first walked the Camino. Nevertheless, I will certainly take them with me next time, and use them in my daily life at home.” – Jeff Canin, Heart of the Camino