Your Inner Camino

Part of the two book set from Karin Kiser. The second book, After the Camino, is available here.

Make the most of your camino experience

Warning: This is not a travel book on what to pack and where to sleep. This is not a camino memoir either. This is your camino.

Make the most of your pilgrimage in Spain by taking Your Inner Camino with you. It provides what most guidebooks don’t:

  • Inspiring words when the going gets rough
  • Things to contemplate to get the clarity you seek
  • A roadmap for your own transformation
  • Compact, lightweight format to carry with you anywhere

It’s like having a personal coach, a comedian, and a therapist all in one – right in your pocket for easy access while walking.

Some walk the Camino de Santiago as an adventure or physical challenge. Others as an extended vacation or break from their lives. To make it a pilgrimage, though, requires something more. That something more is the inner journey.

It’s the inner journey that transforms a long-distance walk into a pilgrimage.

Your Inner Camino serves as a compass for the inner journey. In it, you’ll discover how to:

  • Let go of the thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors that limit your growth and happiness
  • Identify what is really important to you
  • Upgrade your beliefs about what is possible
  • Get to know yourself at a deeper level
  • Turn a long-distance walk into an inner transformation

Use Your Inner Camino to inspire you along the way. Refer to it for exercises and things to ponder during your days of walking. You’ll discover how walking the camino is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to clean the slate and start anew.

Because everyone’s camino is unique – some walk it in 33 days, others do it in stages over several years – Your Inner Camino is designed to be opened at random. Simply flip to a page when you can use some words to inspire, amuse, or transform. Allow these pages to encourage you to see things, and yourself, in a new way.

Whether you are walking the camino alone or with others, this pocket guide will serve as an invaluable companion.

Make the most of your camino experience by getting Your Inner Camino now.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of each book goes toward maintaining the infrastructure and integrity of the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage routes.

Here’s what others are saying about Your Inner Camino:

“My advice to aspiring pilgrims: 1) break in your shoes ahead of time, 2) carry as little as possible, and 3) bring this little book! Your Inner Camino is a magnificent guide for walking the camino and creating a truly memorable experience.” – Javier M. García, owner of Hostal Camynos, Ambasmestas, Spain

“A great guide that beautifully captures the nuances of daily life along the camino.” – José María, owner of Hostal La Fuente de Rabé, Rabé de las Calzadas (Burgos) Spain

“This book is so great. It made me want to walk the Camino again and brought up so many happy memories even those that did not seem great at the time but now I look back with fondness and joy. You do not have to be going on the Camino to enjoy and gain benefit from this book. This book is a guide book to life using the Camino de Santiago as a vehicle and I would totally recommend it to those going, those who have gone and everyone else.” – Saundra Davis, pilgrim from 2010

“A new must-have addition to your camino packing list. Written by Karin Kiser, an experienced Camino pilgrim, Your Inner Camino is filled with gems of wisdom, a book to open at random and think about that day. Questions like: ‘What would being more alive look like for you?’ and ‘Notice what your default mode is when an unexpected change occurs. Do you see life through the lens of problem-to-solve or opportunity-to-experience?’ Actually, this book works for your daily life, not just for when you are on the Camino.” – Jeff Canin, Heart of the Camino

Your Inner Camino reveals many tips that could be applied at any time of our life. Karin shows us how important is to see everything in detail, from a present perspective. Not only in terms of ‘carpe diem,’ but also in terms of enjoying every moment, connecting with nature, trying new things and getting out of our comfort zone. This guide is essential for identifying what is really important in life and becoming the best version of ourselves.” – Silvia,, Santiago, Spain

“There are numerous books on the Camino de Santiago that cover how to prepare and train for the trek, what to take, what to leave at home, what to wear, and the Camino’s various routes, or ways. But Karin Kiser has provided us with a small, lightweight, creatively organized and intimate companion guide that is not meant to be read before pilgrims begin to walk the hundreds of miles of trails over hills, through valleys and forests, or on the seemingly never ending Castilian meseta. This little guide is to be opened at random as we begin our walk, and has been crafted to help us look inward and to discover who we are and who we are becoming as we put one foot in front of the other on the way to Santiago de Compostela.

There is no doubt that walking the Camino is one of the most transformative experiences of any pilgrim’s life. Practically no one who has completed the walk comes home the same person he or she was before taking the first step. Ms. Kiser, in her Your Inner Camino gives us the tools to help us focus not only on the beauty of nature that surrounds us and urges us to become one with it, but also to focus on our inner self, on slowing down, on breathing with purpose, on laughing, and on being alive.

In a sense walking the Camino, because of the anonymity one enjoys and because one can choose to be alone, offers us the opportunity to engage with ourselves in a dialectic of sorts to find perspective and to find solutions to challenges; and yet Ms. Kiser reminds us that there is also the voice of intuition that should be listened to, that things often do not happen to us, but for us, and that experiencing the present moment and finding opportunities that arise from adversity are key to a greater understanding of self.

I highly recommend this companion guide to anyone who has decided to walk the Camino de Santiago. I sincerely believe that it will enhance any pilgrim’s experience.” – Al L. Cooper, Camino pilgrim 2018