The Confraternity Library is housed at our office at 27 Blackfriars Road, London SE1, just south of Blackfriars Bridge (click here for how to find us). It  is available for consultation when the office is open, and at other times by prior arrangement with the General Manager.  The office is always open on Thursdays between 11.00 a.m. and 3.00 p.m., and at some other times, so it is worth a phone call to the office if you cannot visit on a Thursday.  The Library of the Confraternity of Pilgrims to Rome is also held at 27 Blackfriars Road.

Members of either Confraternity may borrow items from the library for three weeks (five weeks in the case of loans overseas). Non-members may consult the library by arrangement with the General Manager, but may not borrow from it.

The catalogue database – which includes a complete index to the CSJ Bulletin – has been searchable on-line since 1 March 2006.

We have recently (April 2017) installed new software for the Library Catalogue site because the original was interfering with the functionality of the main site.It should be easy to use if you follow the instructions on the site, but if you have any particular problems, please do let us know at office* (replace * with @).

Click below to search the library catalogue:

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The Confraternity Library, named in memory of its first librarian Stephen Badger, is built around a core of works on the history of the pilgrimage to Santiago and individuals’ experience of it, past and present. There are a number of works on the art and architecture of the Way; guides to the route and to Spain and France; the publications of fellow pilgrim associations; and a growing collection of works on pilgrimage, and the cult of Saint James, in the British Isles.  Our policy is to keep abreast of new publications (in French, German and Spanish as well as English), and gradually to acquire what is missing from the past. We shall maintain our primary focus on the Santiago pilgrimage, but as funds allow, plan to develop our holding of books on the theology, spirituality, and sociology of pilgrimage in general, and on other pilgrimage destinations.   The library currently holds around 8000 items (including the Bulletin index).

The collection is increasingly strong in personal accounts of the experience of the Santiago pilgrimage, past and present, and we make a point of collecting unpublished pilgrimage diaries.  Indeed, a recent Canadian pilgrim, sending us his diary, says in a covering note: ‘I think the idea of a central resource is very important, and I am gratified that the Confraternity has undertaken this task.’  If you keep a diary of your pilgrimage, or record your experience and impressions later, please consider giving a copy to the library, so that others may share and benefit from your experience.  Click here to search personal accounts in the Library.

Please click here for a detailed bibliography.

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