Israel was a pilgrim : he whom God

Came to by night, wrestled till dawn and smote,

Shrinking his thigh. Limping that pilgrim trod ;

Limped to his son bearing the coloured coat.


Good out of evil comes ; the son enslaved

In Egypt was to give his brothers bread.

Israel’s sons were pilgrims : freedom craved,

And wandered where the Cloud and Fire led.


New Israel is pilgrim : longer far

Than forty years our wandering must last.

Though our brother was the Morning Star,

Till daybreak we must limp, wander and fast.


Israel saw God’s glory while he slept.

Pilgrims do not deserve, but they accept.


                                                                   William Griffiths

This sonnet was first published on . It makes reference to Genesis 28, 32, 37, 50, Exodus 13, James 1 and Revelation 22.