By Robert Burns

One week til Camino, fear runs through my head. 

It drives me crazy, I must shake this feeling of dread. 

Until this point it had all been so exciting. 

But the reality of 500 miles made it just so frightening! 


What if I failed, and let everyone down? 

How could I return to my old home town? 

Some said ‘you’re crazy, why even try?’ 

But I knew I had to; even if I might die! 


For thirty years I struggled to believe that dreams come true. 

But I found out on Camino that they indeed do! 


This has changed me in ways I couldn’t imagine or dream. 

But they often say in life, things are never like they seem. 


Every moment - through the good AND the bad, 

I can honestly say that I’m truly glad. 

For each of them have taught me great lessons, 

to see that when you look for it you’ll see all of life’s blessings. 


Great friends I have made, all along the way. 

How can I express my thanks to them? Words will never say. 

How grateful I am for each and every one of them all. 

For picking me up and carrying my burdens when I fall. 


And also for the family and friends at home, 

Who in my heart walk with me every mile I roam. 

Who cheer me on from a place so far, like a guiding light as you walk under stars. 


When I think of that original fear that week, 

I truly start to see that I’m strong - not weak! 

When the road was long and the sun was hot, still I kept walking this body and soul will not rot! 


For god will keep me safe along this whole road, 

He is always there to lighten the load. 


Camino I’ll never forget the things that you’ve taught me, 

the way you’ve opened my eyes, allowed me to see. 

That no matter what challenges lie ahead, I must NEVER listen to this voice of dread. 


For I am stronger than I’ll ever know, 

El Camino will always now be the way that I go!