By Paul Shires

"Blown Along The Way"

We have the wind at our back and we are blown along the way like leaves in a storm. The leaves come and go with the seasons but the tree remains. The pilgrims come and go but the way remains. The leaves have no reason for flying. The pilgrims have many reasons for the path they take. I called myself a pilgrim of curiosity but I was being blown on my way as a leaf by the wind and it would take me where it would, no matter what I believed, and wherever that was, it was right way.

"An Angel of The Way"

We all have an angel that looks over our shoulder to give a little kindness when that is all that is needed, not to provide divine revelation, but to be a tiny light in the dark, an unexpected breeze in the heat. When you are fighting your way up the mountain, through the forest, bitterly cold, soaked to the skin, exhausted, muscles aching, feet sore, alone, no end in sight, miserable, feeling lost, on the edge of giving up then you come to a clearing by the side of the path and an angel standing at a small table hands you a hot drink in a plastic cup and a piece of cake and a smile. May the angel of small things be there for you also.