By Sheila Devlin

When our pilgrimage is over

Oh how proud we all will be

When we get our compostellas

We will be so full of glee.

No more blisters to take care of

No more treks in heat or rain

Then we'll give St James a big hug

And plan to do it all again !!


- to the tune of What a friend we have in Jesus


 The Way

"Every journey of a thousand miles

Starts with a single step"

One step on the way

Is all that it takes

To start this journey.


We need not be troubled

About walking alone

For on the way

There is life all around.


Each single step may bring us pain

But in our hearts we know

We can all walk the way - our way


Myriads of people have walked there before us Throughout the ages.

We walk in their footsteps with their pain


Our pain is their pain

Our love is their love

Their way is joined with ours

The journey binds us together

Threaded through the years


So walk with me my friends

And let us travel together


With a joyful