How do they work?

  • You can sign up to as many as you want.  There will be six to choose from in total. 
  • Simply click on the event links below to buy your ticket(s). £5 for members and £7 for non-members for each, but when you book one, you'll receive a discount code to get 40% off on every other masterclass you book onto!  Note, you only need register once per device, if there's more than one of you watching. 
  • Once you book, you'll be sent the registration link. There are 100 spaces available per session. 
  • A recording of each masterclass will be made available for purchase after it's taken place.  Which means if you can't attend the live stream, you can still watch!

Should I attend live?

You might get more out of it! There will be Q&A session at the end of each masterclass. If you do attend live, you'll be able to put your questions to the special guests and panels.  But if not, you'll be able to watch other people's questions back on the recording. 

What and when are they?

All timings given in UK time

How To Prepare
Our first masterclass is a comprehensive 2-hour session from serial Camino experts covering: background to the Camino, what equipment to take with you, and a day in the life of a pilgrim, with a chunk of the evening set aside just for questions.

Camino Francés with John Brierley
Hear about the most popular Camino route, the Francés from a very special guest! Internationally admired Camino Guide writer John Brierley talks us through the route, supported by fellow pilgrims who know it well.

Camino del Norte with Dave Whitson
A masterclass on the Camino del Norte from Irún via Bilbao and Santander with prolific guide writer for Cicerone Dave Whitson.  Dave literally wrote the book on the Norte and Primitivo routes and will be giving advice on this beautiful trail.

Via de la Plata with Gerald Kelly - Monday 21st February 7-8pm
Guide writer Gerald Kelly will be taking us through this epic route that starts deep in the south of Spain at the Andalucían city of Seville, home to La Giralda and the famous Alcázar palaces.  From here, pilgrims journey directly north for over 1,000km passing through vast open plains and ancient cities such as Mérida, as well as Salamanca and Zamora, where the route splits.  Either you can continue north to join the Camino Francés at Astorga, or you can veer west towards Puebla de Sanabria and Ourense, on what's known as the Camino Sanabrés, leading you straight into Santiago.

Camino Inglés with Mark McCarthy - Monday 28th February 7-8pm
Next, we'll hear about this very pertinent route to British pilgrims!  Starting from either Ferrol or A Coruña on the Costa da Morte, and heading through verdant, Celtic countryside to Santiago.  Those starting from A Coruña also have the option of adding on kilometres covered on a pilgrim route in their own country to make up the minimum 100km requirement for the Compostela certificate.

Camino Portugués with John Brierley - Monday 7th March 7-8pm
For the last masterclass in this series, we will be re-joined by the great John Brierley who will talk to us about a route - or series of routes - close to his heart: the Camino Portugués from Porto.  Nowadays, the pilgrim has several options of route from Porto that either stay inland or go via the coast, and one of which even involves sailing up the Sea of Arousa, retracing the journey of the Stone Boat in which the body of St James was said to have voyaged into Galicia.


More routes to come in early 2022!

If you have any questions, please email us at the office.