To qualify for a Certificado or Compostela you must complete at least the last 100km in a wheelchair, walking or riding (200km cycling). The Cathedral is neutral about other assistance such as carrying luggage or support vehicles, and will consider giving a Compostela to pilgrims using motorised chairs if they have collected sellos in a credencial and demonstrate motivation and effort. Each case is considered on its own merits; CSJ members with concerns should ask us for a letter of introduction and (if possible) have the CSJ tell the Cathedral Pilgrim Office by email shortly before you arrive.

Many albergues are very basic and may not be fully accessible, although newer private albergues tend to be better equipped. The CSJ albergue at San Martin on the Camino del Norte has a disabled access ramp to the front door and a disabled toilet/shower room. Local hotels are likely to offer more extensive facilities. For the 2021 Holy Year, disabled pilgrims were allowed to make reservations in public albergues of Xunta de Galicia. The Xunta's albergues are being conditioned for disabled pilgrims, and some will have audio guide systems installed for blind pilgrims. On top of that 70 defribillators are to be provided in all of the Xunta's albergues

Please also note that some refuges do not admit pilgrims who are having their luggage transported or any non-walking helpers. To ensure you're not caught out, we'd suggest booking accommodation in advance or at least contacting hostels to make sure there are no access issues. The local tourist offices should be able to assist with your planning if you are unable to locate suitable accommodation via a web search.

We would advise checking your guidebook, website or app for information on hostels' accessibility and provision for your disability. For basic profile maps on all routes, click here.

French website with details on a method of transport for those with disability: the randoline.

This thread on the Pilgrim Forum discusses preparations for making the Camino by wheelchair and this thread covers use of an off-road wheelchair.

Please note that the CSJ has the St Christopher Fund to help with expenses for a companion to travel with elderly or frail pilgrims who need this kind of support. Contact us for more details if you think that this may help you.