Numbers arriving at Santiago have gone up every year, but there is always a big peak in Holy Years. 

Holy Years occur when the Feast of St James (the 25th of July) falls on a Sunday. There are great festivities in Santiago and many, many pilgrims choose to do their Camino then. 

See Pilgrim Office Statistics for details of compostelas granted each year to give you an idea of the additional pilgrims walking in Holy Years.

The next Holy Year will be 2021. This will, of course, be further complicated by the effects of Covid-19. A huge number of pilgrims who were due to make their journeys in 2020 have postponed to 2021, meaning the numbers could surge again. On top of that, there may not be as much available accommodation to cater for these increased numbers due to the economic turmoil that many private albergues are now facing. 

To stay up-to-date with the most recent information and guidance about whether to postpone your Camino until after the Holy Year, we suggest you keep an eye on the Camino de Santiago Forum and our Camino Pilgrim Discussion Group on Facebook.